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Collection of erasure poems from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 

"Like an oracle, Roche commands the words of Verne to float to the surface to cast prophetic warnings about the darkness we face today. But in her deft care, these poems molt the crusted shell of the past and emerge in our times shiny and wondrous." -- Armin Tolentino

The Synonym Tables examine language closely and investigates how it shifts over time. By extracting synonyms for common words today and comparing them to synonyms for the same terms from1947 in the scientific format of a table, the reader is invited to consider how the tool of language works, evolves, shrinks, expands, and fails.

Several of the works in this chapbook were Pushcart Prize-nominated for non-fiction.




My poetry has appeared in SWWIM, Storm Cellar (and Pushcart Prize-nominated); Tule Review; Footnote: A Literary Journal of History (#2); Oyez Review; Rain, Party & Disaster Society; and Ghost Ocean. I was named a “Writer to Watch in 2019 & Beyond” by the Chicago Guild Literary Complex and won a 2016 Charter Oak Award Semifinalist for Best Historical writing.

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