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My collage work, which is predominantly built through classic cut- and-paste techniques, has rarely incorporated text prior to my participation in the Poetry + Collage residency sponsored by Kolaj Magazine. Collage, I feel, complements my poetic work (and career as a freelance writer) by allowing me to create away from screens and frees my mind from text-based/keyboard thinking.

Before the pandemic, much of my collage work centered on surface and textures. During the pandemic, I began centering faces and played with the personification of nature, which helped me feel less isolated and alone. I hope the results share with the viewer what I gained while making them: a sense of company or companionship, new worlds, and a connection with the best of humanity.

Roche Jennifer People and Pictures copy.tiff
NOLA on my mind copy Medium.jpeg
Ikea Fridge 300 dpi.jpeg
Roche Collage Untitled 3 unadjusted.jpg
Roche Jennifer Folded Cloth copy.tiff
For Mariah Off the Grid_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Roche Collage Untitled 1.jpg
Roche Collage Untitled 4_edited.jpg
Jennifer_Roche_Rainforest Livelihoods_REVISED copy Medium_edited.jpg
Ikea Series Man in Hat.jpg
Roche Collage Untitled 2.jpg
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