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TFW You Get When You're Named 1 of 30 Writers to Watch 🕶

Floored and deeply grateful to be named by the Literary Guild Complex as one of Chicago's 30 Writers to Watch. I can't wait to meet all the other writers who were named and continue to build and claim community.

Thank you so much to the Guild and congratulations on your 30th Anniversary! I remember your early days on Lincoln Avenue fondly and can't believe how full circle my experience has become and yours! Cheers!

Here are the writers who I celebrate this honor with:

Tara Betts, poetry, nonfiction, scholarship

Kimberly Dixon-Mays, poetry, plays

Raul Dorantes, poetry, plays, fiction

Emily Thornton Calvo, poetry, memoir

Michael Fischer, nonfiction

kwabena foli, poetry

Ricardo Gamboa, plays, television, scholarship

Jan-Henry Gray, poetry, storytelling

Ames Hawkins, nonfiction, scholarship

Tsehaye Geralyn Hébert, plays, poetry, nonfiction

Timothy J. Hillegonds, nonfiction

Nate Marshall , poetry

John McCarthy, poetry

Patricia Ann McNair, fiction, nonfiction

Ciara Darnise Miller, poetry, scholarship

Faisal Mohyuddin, poetry

Cheswayo Mphanza, poetry

Nikki Patin, poetry, music

Frances de Pontes Peebles, fiction

Ruben Quesada, poetry, translation

Christine Rice, fiction, nonfiction

Kenyatta Rogers, poetry

J. Howard Rosier, fiction, criticism

Natania Rosenfeld, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, scholarship

Mojdeh Stokley. Poetry, music

Rachel Swearingen, fiction

Naomi Washer, poetry, nonfiction, translation

Valerie Wallace, poetry

Jeremy T. Wilson, fiction

I can't wait to meet you all. Thank you again, Guild Literary Complex.

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